Docs / Subscriptions and Limits

MatchLib offers free and paid account levels. A free account is provided when you first register and allows you to try the service before moving to a paid subscription.

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Free accounts are provided to allow the storage and management of a small libraries and to allow customers to to trial the service before moving to a paid subscription.

For specific details about features and pricing, please refer to the Pricing page.


The following table lists the features that are available when an account exceeds any of the free plan limits.

View existing matches
Deleting matches
Deleting groups
Removing members from groups
Exporting match data
Viewing match reports
Existing public sharing links will continue to work
Not Available
Access to the coding tool
Adding matches to the Library
Creating groups
Adding members to groups
Updating group member roles
Creating new public sharing links


You can upgrade your account to a paid subscription at any time. You can also choose to downgrade from a paid subscription to a free account at any time.